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The Negative In a time where the coffee industry is full of empty cafes, full air-pots, & curbside banners fly in the wind, I know my day is filled with free time. Now that my shop is cleaner than an operating room, my espresso machine is as finely tuned as an orchestra violin, & being…

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Espresso: Culture Extracted

Flavor or Fuel The invention of espresso is awarded to a man named Luigi Bezzera, who created it as a quick way to produce a single serving of coffee to customers. Flavor, at the time, was put on the back-burner in favor of supplying a jolt of caffeine quickly. As the technology of espresso advanced,…

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Cold Brew: A Trip to the Dark Side

Why Cold Brew? With the weather turning warmer, we are turning towards iced coffee. There are a plethora of cold coffees out there, but one of my favorites is cold brewed. Cold brewed coffee is made with a darker roast and has a very different and distinct profile, accenting the richer undertones of the roast,…

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